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57 Via Coroglio, Napoli, Campania 80124
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E-LISA is a company that develops digital products and carries out scientific researches in orthopedic medicine.

E-LISA team is made up of doctors (surgeons, radiologists), radiology technicians, mechanical engineers, IT engineers and experts in communication.

The goal of E-LISA SRL is to minimize the mistakes made in the process of diagnosis and surgery.

To achieve this goal E-LISA follows two pathways:
It carries out scientific researches in order to develop algorithms and mathematical models to standardize trauma that affect the articulations.
It develops digital web platforms to spread its knowledge and provide preoperative virtual planning and 3D Print services.

To provide a full control over the surgeries E-LISA provides the surgeon:
interactive documents of 3D reconstruction of CT. These documents allow the surgeon to know, before entering the operating room, which tools will need, measures and the correct positioning of tools (plates, screws, implants); diagnosis and operation simulation based on a mathematical model. All in one interactive 3D file.

Through digital platforms, the surgeon may view videos and graphic animations of complex surgical operations carried out by top experts in orthopedic surgery.

Thanks to the service of “Upload Anonymized Dicom”​ developed by E-LISA, the surgeon may receive models of the trauma, anatomically realistic, to use to simulate the surgery or to optimize his communication with the patient or his equipe (team).

E-LISA strongly believes in spreading knowledge. For this reason, there are on digital platforms wide sections dedicated to digital teaching through 3D interactive training.

The duo medicine and engineering allow E-LISA to develop softwares that can help the surgeon in all phases of his work, from the TC analysis to surgery.

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